Welcome to my web site

Happy feast of St. Stephen, the day after Christmas, and welcome to my new web site. I’ve had the grahamtx.net domain for many years, but I’ve used it mainly for email forwarding and a small web site where I could put miscellaneous things. I’ve also done blogging off and on for many years, almost from the beginning of the blogging phenomenon using various blogging products such as Radio Userland. My early sites are gone, but my Blogger site , which I started in 2003, is still around.

Now I have decided to do set up my own WordPress site on my grahamtx.net domain. I recently discovered the SiteGround web hosting service, and I’ve been very impressed by their customer service. They do security scans of my web site and provide automatic updates of the WordPress software. These are important features because hacker attacks on WordPress sites are notorious.

Contrary to popular blogging advice, I have decided to not have a catchy title or theme for this site. In the past I have written about technology and theology, and since those are still interests of mine, I will continue writing on those topics as well as education, books, and anything else that comes up.